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Every time we make a decision we choose a path from a wide range of possibilities. As we follow our path so it interacts with those of others. Imagine the shapes we would see if the paths we followed were made visible. Scientists would make maps representing these routes to analyse them. I do it for aesthetic purposes, to celebrate their complexity and simplicity, their messiness, ugliness and beauty.*

The work on this site reflects my fascination with the complex dynamic patterns that can be perceived in the behaviour of humans, other animals and plants. Since 1977 I have been writing programs using algorithms based on my observations and thoughts about behaviour. These programs generate images that have enabled me to explore aesthetically the way we make sense of the behaviour of animals (including humans) and other phenomena by a process that may be summarised as mapping. This site itself constitutes a map - an abstract representation of something much more complicated.

*(Stephen Bell 9/10/08 Statement for exhibition of the work Beesworld at the Study Gallery in Poole in November 2008



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