Beesworld is a program inspired by watching the behaviour of bees gathering nectar.

It may be downloaded and should run on Mac computers running OSX on a MacBookPro. It is planned to make a version that will run under MS Windows in Q3 09.

beesworldat study gallery

Beesworld installation

Study Gallery Poole, 2008

To download Beesworld for Mac OSX running on an Intel Mac right click on the BEESWORLD (intel) link below and download the zipped file.

You are advised to download the BeesworldHowTo.pdf file for instructions on use. To run the program unzip it and double-click the BEESWORLD icon.



This is an unsupported program and is provided 'as is'. No claims are made regarding the safety of your computer when running this program. To use it effectively you will need a 3-button mouse.